Statistics 510 Applied Regression Analysis has been replaced by Statistics 410, R Programming and Data Science.

Statistics 410 is a required course in the Statistics Major with an Emphasis in Data Science. For the general Statistics Major, Statistics 410 will be included in the list of twelve units selected from Statistics 325, 496, 510, 520, 560, 575, 580, and 596.  For the Statistics Major with an Emphasis in Actuarial Science, Statistics 410 will be included in the list of three units selected from Statistics 325, 410, 496, 560, and 596.


MATH 340 is a substitute for MATH 541 for the 2018/19 academic year.

Mathematics Course Renumbering 

Course Title

Old Number

New Number

Abstract Algebra

Math 521A

Math 320

Advanced Calculus I

Math 534A

Math 330

Programming in Mathematics

Math 541/242

Math 340

Algebraic Structures

Math 521B

Math 520

Advanced Calculus II

Math 534B

Math 530

                     Example 534A is equivalent to 330, take only one of these.

In order to make the path to a Mathematics Bachelor’s degree clearer, several core courses were renumbered from 500 to 300-level. Mathematics majors should complete the 300-level courses right after completion of their required lower division classes. Thus, following Math 245, 252, and 254, Mathematics majors should next take the core courses in Abstract Algebra (MATH 320), Advanced Calculus (MATH 330), Differential Equations (MATH 337), and Numerical Analysis (MATH 340).

The core courses give a broad understanding of mathematics, and more formal training than lower division courses provide. They build a strong foundation for student success at the 500-level.

rev: 03/14/2018