This emphasis is designed to train the student in those areas of mathematics which may be applied to formulate and solve problems in other disciplines. The program is designed to qualify the student for employment as an applied mathematician, but the graduate would also be well prepared for graduate study in pure or applied mathematics.

Preparation for the Major and Additional Coursework Required

Three semesters of Calculus (Math 150,151 and 252), Mathematical Software Workshop (Math 242), Discrete Mathematics (Math 245), Linear Algebra (Math 254), and Statistical Principles and Practices (Stat 250), a total of 24 units.


A minimum of 36 upper division units to include Math 337, 521A, 534A, 541; 524 or 543; 531 or 532 or 534B; Statistics 350A or 551A; and 15 units of electives in computer science, mathematics, or statistics approved by the Applied Mathematics adviser. Student must complete outline for major and file a copy signed by adviser with the Office of the Registrar.

Auxiliary Area

A minimum of 12 units (lower or upper division) from an area to which mathematics may be applied. Examples of specialized areas include Physics, Chemistry and Economics. The intent is to train the student in an area in some depth. Some latitude may be allowed in the choice of department and mix of courses, but all programs must be approved by the Applied Mathematics adviser. The 12 unit requirement is minimal, and a minor in an approved field is highly recommended

For more information on any of the BA/BS degrees contact the Mathematics Programs Advisor:

Dr. Carmelo Interlando, GMCS 581

Dr. Joseph Mahaffy, GMCS 593

Emphasis in Computational Science
Emphasis in Science