Admission Requirements
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The emphasis in actuarial science is designed to prepare students for careers in the actuarial profession, applying probability and statistical models to problems of insurance and finance. Actuaries improve financial decision making by evaluating the current financial implications of uncertain future events. Students completing this emphasis would also be well prepared for graduate study in actuarial science or statistics.

Preparation for the Major: Statistics 119 or 250, Mathematics 150,
151, 245, 252, 254, Computer Science 106 or 107, Accountancy 201, Economics 101, 102. (34 units) The student must complete these courses before being allowed to register for the upper division finance courses.

Upper Division Writing Requirement: Passing the University Writing Examination or completing one of the approved writing courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better.

Major: A minimum of 36 upper division units to include Statistics 350A, 350B, 551A, 551B, 575, Economics 320, 321, Finance 323, 327; six units from Statistics 325, 496, 510, 520, 550, 560, 570, 596; three units (selected with the approval of the undergraduate adviser in statistics) in economics, finance, or mathematics. Students must complete outline for major and file a copy signed by adviser with the Office of the Registrar.

Statistics in the Real World

Improving our health and quality of life
Insuring our financial security
Turning data into knowledge
Society of Actuaries
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

For more information contact the Statistics Programs Advisor:

Dr. Barbara Bailey, GMCS 513