Join us in congratulating Dr. Jonathan Wilson and Dr. Lucie Sharpsten, the first two students to graduate from the Computational Statistics PhD program.

The Joint Doctoral Program (JDP) is formally one in Computational Science with Concentration in Statistics, offered by SDSU and Claremont Graduate University (CGU).  SDSU Professors Richard Levine and Jose Castillo founded the program, in collaboration with CGU Professor John Angus, in 2006, and began admitting students in 2007.  The JDP has achieved its desired steady-state of about 15 doctoral students.

Drs. Levine, Wilson, and Duncan at Commencement wearing regalia.





Photo: Drs. Levine, Wilson, and Duncan

Jonathan Wilson becomes the first official graduate, having defended on February 25, 2013.  Dr. Wilson worked under the supervision of Professor Kristin Duncan on opinion pooling, particularly developing methods to elicit individual beliefs, aggregate consensus opinions, and drawing forecasts for decision makers.  He published in the journal Chance an application of his work to studying prediction markets.  His pooling methodologies appear in an article in the journal Risk Analysis and a paper submitted for publication in the journal Information Sciences.  Dr. Wilson currently works as Manager of Analytical Services at Petco Animal Supplies in San Diego.

Lucie Sharpsten with faculty group.





Photo: Drs. Levine, Fan, Sharpsten, Bailey, and Angus (CGU)

Lucie Sharpsten defended her dissertation on July 16, 2013.  Dr. Sharpsten worked under the supervision of Professor Juanjuan Fan on developing random forest methods for predicting glaucomatous progression.  She studied at SDSU as an ARCS Scholar.  Her initial work will be published in the International Journal of Semantic Computing, with a series of manuscripts submitted for journal publication to follow in the remainder of the year.  Dr. Sharpsten currently works as a Statistician in the Department of Ophthalmology in the UCSD School of Medicine.