Title: Wave Dynamics in Atomic and Optical Models Under the Influence of Loss and Gain

vortex 1 vortex 2 vortex 3

Layman’s abstract:
In many physical applications it is customary to neglect, at least in the initial formulation of the models, the effects due to loss or dissipation and to examine the associated dynamics in an energy-conserving framework. However, most physical systems do include dissipation with non-negligible effects that need to be incorporated in the corresponding models.  In fact, in an effort to counter its consequences and support persistent features in the physical dynamics, it is often relevant to include gain which balances the loss induced by dissipation.  Recently, a suite of applications has emerged in atomic and optical physics where this interplay of gain and loss has become important as regards to current experimental, theoretical and computational investigations.  The effort proposed herein involves the comprehensive examination of some selected key aspects within this class of systems. Our detailed plan involves the proven synergy of a multidisciplinary team, with mutually complementary attributes in theoretical physics, applied mathematics and numerical computation, in close collaboration with three experimental groups. It also promises in the process to train an inter-disciplinary cohort of young physicists and applied mathematicians working on cutting edge problems involving the interplay of theoretical/analytical methods, state-of-the-art numerical computation tools and in direct coordination with key physical experiments in this field.

* NSF – Physics – Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Theoretical Physics
* start: 09/01/16
* Duration: 3 years
* total amount: $129,990