David Walters sitting next to student studying graph chartJoanne Lobato received a three year grant from the National Science Foundation, Re-imagining Video-Based Online Learning.
The familiar YouTube-style videos of solutions to math problems have been used world-wide to help students learn basic math.  Dr. Lobato’s $440 thousand grant will allow her team to create and test a model of online videos that embodies a more expansive vision of both the nature of the content and the pedagogical approach than is currently represented in YouTube-style lessons. Rather than the procedurally-oriented expository approach of videos that dominate the internet, the videos produced for this project will focus on developing mathematical meanings and conceptual understanding. They will feature pairs of middle school and high school students, highlighting their dialogue, explanations, and alternative conceptions.  Despite the tremendous growth in the availability of mathematics videos online, little research has investigated student learning from them. Consequently, a major contribution of this proposed work will be a set of four vicarious learning studies.  The grant provides funds a research assistantship for C. David Walters (on right in photo),  a student in the Mathematics and Science Education Doctoral Program (MSED)