Advisor: Dr. Vadim Ponomarenko  619-594-6176 GMCS-511

Admissions and Financial Support:
Please see the Overview and Admissions page for information about applying to the program and for information about teaching assistantships.

General Requirement: 
General requirements for unclassified standing, classified standing, and advancement to candidacy are described in the Graduate Bulletin.  Students should file an Official Program soon after the beginning of the final year of study.  An Official Program must be filed prior to taking the last nine units of graduate course work.  Official Programs are filed with the approval of the Graduate Advisor and the Thesis Advisor.

Department Requirements:

1.  Complete 30 units of approved 500, 600, and 700 level courses, of which at least 24 units must be in mathematics.  At least 21 units must be at the 600 level or above.  Mathematics 600, 601, and 602 may not be part of this degree.  No more than six units of Mathematics 797 and 798 will be accepted toward the degree.

2. Before entering the program, students should have completed courses in abstract algebra (Math 320), advanced calculus (Math 330), and linear algebra (Math 245, or preferably Math 524).  If a student has not completed these courses before entering the program, he or she may be admitted conditionally.

3. Among the 30 units of coursework, students must include Mathematics 620 and 630; and one course selected from Mathematics 621 or 633.

4. Students must select Plan A and complete Mathematics 799A. Students are advised that a thesis normally takes a year to complete, and is done under the supervision of a Thesis Advisor.

rev: 01/10/19