Launching in 2015, the International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education is dedicated to the interests of post-secondary mathematics.  It welcomes original research, including empirical, theoretical, and methodological reports of learning and teaching of undergraduate and graduate students.

The journal will contain insights on mathematics education from introductory courses such as caluclus to higher level courses such as linear algebra, all the way through advanced courses in analysis and abstract algebra.  It will also be a venue for research that focuses on graduate level mathematics teaching and learning as well as research that examines how mathematicians go about their professional practice.  In addition, the journal will be an outlet for the publication of mathematics education research conducted in other tertiary settings, such as technical and community colleges.  It will provide the intellectual foundation for improving university mathematics teaching and learning and it will address specific problems in the secondary-tertiary transition.

The journal will be published three times per year with 4-5 papers per issue.

Karen Marongelle, PhD, Portland State University
Chris Rasmussen, PhD, San Diego State University
Mike Thomas, PhD, University of Auckland