Gavin LaRose close up Gavin LaRose, Lecturer and Instructional Tech Program Manager in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan, presented a lecture on March 12th, “What Works for Us: Learning, Teaching and Support in “Michigan Math”.  His abstract reads: “Michigan Math” has its origin in the early 1990s, when the Michigan math department began teaching precalculus and calculus in small sections with active learning in the classroom.  Prior to the reform, calculus 1 was known in some circles as the most reviled course on campus. Subsequent to the change, results on a nationally normed test of calculus learning show students in Michigan Math outperforming other classes by two standard deviations, and the DFW rate in Michigan’s calculus 1 is 10% or lower. In this talk we will describe some of the history and key features of Michigan Math, its successes and challenges, and the support structures that exist for its instructors and students.

Dr. LaRose may be reached via email at UofM: