REU student group wearing same t-shirtVadim Ponomarenko leads another successful undergraduate research program.

The SDSU Mathematics Research Experience for Undergraduates completed its sixth year with a talented group of students, representing 14 outstanding institutions.  These students worked on various problems from an area of number theory,  nonunique factorization of numerical semigroups.  A numerical semigroup is a subset of the whole numbers that is closed under addition.   Here is one problem solved  this summer: given a numerical semigroup whose generators are in  arithmetical progression, find a formula that  measures the maximal factorization length of any product of k generators.  Vadim Ponomarenko was aided by technical consultants:  Scott Chapman (Sam Houston State University), the Editor-in-Chief of the American Mathematical Monthly, and Pedro Garcia-Sanchez (Universidad de Granada),  who gave lectures during the first week of the program and helped formulate the research problems.  

The SDSU REU has been offered for eight weeks each summer since 2007, supported by grants from the  National Science Foundation awarded to Dr. Ponomarenko.  Participants often call the opportunity to engage in research a life-changing and immensely rewarding experience.  They also have lots of fun in beautiful San Diego.  The REU experience is great preparation for graduate school and is a very positive addition to a student’s application.   Since its inception the SDSU REU has generated 18 technical reports, seven papers published, one under review, and four more in preparation.  Copies of the reports and papers and   information about the program is available on the SDSU REU website: