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Students in the SDSU Society of Statisticians and Actuaries

Students in the SDSU Society of Statisticians and Actuaries:
(Top left to right) Nicolette Molina, Alex Wissman, Michael Izbotsky, Nadine Ayouty, Mayra Nunez, Sylvie Lekhac
(Bottom left to right) Ivan Remigar, Zack Vasil, Breanna Jo McArdle, Kieran Sprunk, Jenna Grantham, Geliza Gervacio

Student Life & Leadership at SDSU has recognized the Society of Statisticians and Actuaries as an official organization at the University.  The effort to form the Society was lead by Statistics undergraduate students Jenna Grantham and Breanna Jo McArdle at the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester.  The mission of the Society is to allow students interested in statistics to interact, create study groups, and learn about careers in the industry.

Professor Barbara Bailey will serve as the faculty advisor, Jenna as President, Breanna as Vice President, and fellow Statistics student Kieran Sprunk as Treasurer.  As the name suggests, the Society is open to all statistics students, right now focusing on undergraduates though with a planned extension to graduate students.

In addition to several organizational meetings, the Society kicked off its inception with a panel discussion November 26 on Careers in Statistics with Professors Kristin Duncan and Rich Levine.  The Spring 2013 semester will begin with a visit from San Diego actuaries and continue in proposed sessions with statisticians/biostatisticians in local area industries.  The Society is also considering formal study groups and review courses as students prepare for the actuarial (SOA) exams.

As Breanna and Jenna shared, “Overall we plan on aiding our members in deciding what exactly they would like to do with their degrees in the future all while creating friendships for future networking!”

If you are interested in joining, contact the Society at

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