Dr. Shen holds award plaque

On June 26, 2012 in Toronto, SDSU Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr. Sam Shen, received the Arthur Beaumont Distinguished Service Award at CAIMS.

Dr. Shen was recognized for “his dedication, enthusiasm, involvement and vision as President of CAIMS from 2001-2003, which helped develop the organization into what it is today.” Under his leadership, the society developed a series of new programs and structures, including the establishment of CAIMS Research Prize.

The Distinguished Service Award was established in 1987 and named after Arthur Beaumont, a founding member of CAIMS and the Secretary/Treasurer of the society. Dr. Beaumont was a professor of University of Waterloo, Canada. He served the university as Associate Dean and as Department Chairman of Applied Mathematics for over 15 years.

Sam Shen joined SDSU in 2006 as the Department Chair of Mathematics and Statistics. Prior to this appointment, he was a professor at University of Alberta, Canada for 15 years. He was actively involved in the Canadian communities of both applied and pure mathematics. In 2003-2005, he served as a Vice President of Canadian Mathematical Society, which is mainly for pure math.

Dr. Shen has a broad interest of research in applied mathematics, but he focuses on climate change data analysis. He applies statistical tools to quantify uncertainties in the climate data from both observations and models. He currently directs the SDSU Lab of Climate Informatics, which is funded by a number of agencies, including National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and NASA. Dr. Shen’s website is http://shen.sdsu.edu.