Students who wish to satisfy the requirements for the subject matter program in mathematics to prepare for a single subject teaching credential program in mathematics must complete the following requirements. (Students who have completed one or more courses in the program before January 1, 1995, should see the adviser since the earlier program is slightly different.) To be admitted to the program, students must demonstrate competency in high school mathematics (algebra through trigonometry) by passing a mathematics placement test.

Subject Matter Waiver Program

A minimum of 45-46 units to include three semesters of calculus Math 150, 151and Math 252, Math 245 (Discrete Mathematics), 302 (Transition to Higher Mathematics), Math 414 (Capstone), Abstract Algebra (Math 521A), Advanced Calculus (Math 534A), Statistics 357; one course selected from the geometry sequence (Math 510, 511 or 512); Computer Science 107 or 205; and six units of upper division electives selected with the approval of the adviser from physical and mathematical sciences. Students may substitute equivalent courses taken at this or other universities only with the approval of the single subject credential adviser. An approved calculus sequence of 12 units may be substituted for the 13-unit calculus sequence (Mathematics 150, 151, 252), thus reducing the total unit requirement from 46 to 45.

For more information contact:

Dr. Janet Bowers