Statistics Faculty

LEVINE, Richard A., Department Chair, Professor
Monte Carlo methods including Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Biometry, Environmental Statistics, and Bayesian Decision Theory
Co-Director and Graduate Advisor
Computational Statistics, Ph.D. Concentration
GMCS-565, (619) 594-6494

BAILEY, Barbara, Assistant Professor
Applied Statistics, Nonlinear Models, Spatial and Temporal Models.
GMCS-513, (619) 594-4170

CHEN, Jianwei, Assistant Professor
Non-parametric regression, Dynamic models, Mixed effects models, Biostatistical methods, and Optimal Bayesian sampling design.
GMCS-516, (619) 594-2059

DUNCAN, Kristin, Assistant Professor
Bayesian Model Assessment, Item Response Theory, and Survey Methodology.
GMCS-569, (619) 594-6705

FAN, Juanjuan, Professor
Multivariate Failure Time Data, Tree Based Methods, and Genetic Epidemiolgoy
GMCS-519, (619) 594-2601

LIN, C.D. (Joey), Associate Professor
Spatial Statistics, Measure Error Models, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Optimal Design, Computational Statistics
GMCS-515, (619) 594-6186

LUI, Kung-Jong, Professor
Biostatistics, Sample Surveys, Clinical Trials, Nonparametric Statistics and General Linear Models
GMCS-509, (619) 594-7239


NOBLE, Helen, Lecturer
GMCS-518, (619) 594-7245