Student Awarded Scholarship: Lucie Sharpsten

Twelve SDSU students researching areas from medicine to engineering received scholarships totaling $90,000. Lucie Sharpsten, a Computational Statistics student, appears in the center to the right of President Hirshman.

by Hallie Jacobs with additions by Rich Levine

Lucie Sharpsten, Computational Statistics PhD student, received a scholarship from the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists foundation (ARCS).  This will be her second year serving as an ARCS scholar, one of twelve ARCS scholars on campus.  Lucie’s research involves developing data mining tools for studying glaucomatous progression. In particular, she has developed decision (classification) tree methods for handling clustered  (fellow eyes from a subject) and longitudinal (sequential office visits) patient observations.  Lucie is working with dissertation adviser Professor Juanjuan Fan.

2013 awards and ceremony

The San Diego chapter for Achievement Rewards for Colleges Scientists foundation donated $90,000 for student scholarships at an Oct. 26 ceremony.

Students will receive scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.

The unique ceremony brought donors and scholarship recipients together, providing students an opportunity to share the focus of their research and academic interests at SDSU.

Leaders of the foundation, including Robin Luby, chapter president, Diane Chalmers, chapter vice president of university relations and Barbara Hartung, SDSU liasion, joined SDSU President Elliot Hirshman to honor the students.

About Achievement Rewards for Colleges Scientists

Since the San Diego chapter began in 1985, 966 awards totaling $7,187,000 have been allocated to students attending San Diego universities. For academic year 2011-2012, the San Diego Chapter awarded $405,000 to 56 foundation scholars.

The foundation’s San Diego Chapter, one of 17 chapters across the country, has provided continued support of San Diego State University students studying to complete degrees in science and engineering since 1988.

The nonprofit, all-women, volunteer organization is dedicated to helping the best and brightest U.S. graduate and undergraduate science, engineering and medical students. The organization was formed nationally in 1958 in response to Sputnik and the lack of U.S. supremacy in the technology race.

All of the members contribute funds toward these scholarships which are awarded locally to local universities.

In addition to member donations, contributions come from corporations, foundations and other individuals.


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