Two students work on math problems on a whiteboard

New Program for Statistics Students

Henry Scharf and Kyle Hasenstab partner to support historically excluded students pursuing research and PhD programs in data science.

Uduak George points at rainbow branching structure

Branching Out

Uduak George receives NSF CAREER award to identify patterns in how mechanical and biochemical factors affect branch formation in mammary glands.

Conference attendees from SDSU standing together

Presenting Research: CSU Math Conference

SDSU faculty and graduate students present research at the second annual CSU Mathematical Sciences Research Conference.




Why Mathematics & Statistics at SDSU?

We offer bachelor's degrees in mathematics and statistics including applied mathematics (with a variety of emphases), data science, actuarial science, and teaching. We offer master's degrees in mathematics (with foci in pure, applied, or teaching service), and master of science degrees in statistics and biostatistics. Department faculty are also active in joint doctoral programs in mathematics and science education, and computational sciences.

Mathematics and statistics help solve diverse problems: from developing techniques to model real world applications and designing efficient methods for calculating their solutions, to creating new theories for as yet unsolved problems. Some students enjoy mathematics because it is the language of sciences and technology, while others are fascinated and attracted to mathematics for the beauty of its intrinsic order, structure and form.

Our Department is uniquely structured with three intertwined areas of expertise - Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Statistics & Data Science - which enables extensive collaboration among faculty and students within the department and across the university.

Join a Thriving Student Community

Students tabling for the Society of Statisticians and Actuaries at Explore SDSU

Interested in Actuarial Science?

Join the club - or the Society of Statisticians and Actuaries

An index card that asks for the name of a sequence

Conduct Undergraduate Research

The department has a long-running summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

Two students work at a whiteboard on math problems

Friendly Competition

Enjoy problem-solving with peers while practicing for the national Putnam exam

Work One-on-One with Expert Faculty

Two professors smile outdoors at a party

Applying Algorithms

Predict weather, process images and model infectious diseases with differential equations and sophisticated analysis techniques

Student works excitedly at whiteboard while faculty member looks on

Advancing Algebra

Faculty actively research the cutting edge of combinatorics, cryptogragphy and geometry

Graph of gender participation in a math class

Advocating for Access

How can disabled, multilingual and other historically marginalized students be made to feel equally valued in mathematics courses?

Pursue Infinite Career Options

Headshot of Almira Decena

Almira Decena ('22)

M.S. in Applied Mathematics

Decena recently began working as a project control analyst at General Atomics

Headshot of Cole Brower

Cole Brower ('22)

B.S. in Mathematics, Computer Science

Brower completed an internship at NVIDIA as an undergraduate and then stayed on with the company

Headshot of Kevin Pelaez

Kevin Pelaez ('22)

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Pelaez is applying his expertise in data analytics and equity as a data scientist at DUO Security

The careful analysis required to study mathematics and statistics and the computational experiences that we include in our courses are highly valued by employers. Our students go on to rewarding careers in teaching, research and industry across diverse fields such as biotechnology, environmental science, insurance, manufacturing and market research.