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Admissions and Financial Support

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission to one of our master’s programs:

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and good standing at the last institution attended.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.85 (3.0 for international coursework).
  • Proof of English proficiency via a TOEFL or IELTS exam, if baccalaureate instruction was not in English.

See the admissions and registration section of the graduate bulletin for complete details.

Admissions information regarding our Joint Doctoral programs can be found here: Math & Science Education, Computational Science, Computational Statistics.

Application Procedure

Applying for admission to graduate programs requires several steps, the details are on the Graduate Admissions webpage:

A student who meets General Admission Requirements but has deficiencies in mathematics or statistics coursework, may be admitted to a program with status “conditional admit.” Specific recommendations will be made for classes to take in the first year of study, so that the student has a clear path to obtain “classified” standing by the end of the first year.


  • CSU Mentor Application filling period: October 1 — April 1
  • Document Submission Deadline: April 15
  • MATS Program: the above deadline is posted incorrectly on the applications page; email for an invitation code to apply.

Please note that admission is for Fall only.

For questions about the admissions process or your application status, please contact the graduate admissions office or the appropriate program advisor.

Financial Support and Teaching Assistant Positions

The department offers several teaching assistant (TA) positions to graduate students each year. Most mathematics TAs teach two breakout sections of Calculus I or II (Math 150, 151) that meet twice a week or four sections of Calculus III (Math 252) meeting once a week. Statistics TAs usually lead a breakout tutorial for Elementary Statistics for Business (Stat 119A) or a lab for Statistical Principles and Practices (Stat 250). Each of these positions also includes grading and tutoring/office hours. Some advanced students in math and statistics have positions in higher level courses. Research assistant positions are also available to some continuing graduate students, depending upon faculty grant support.

To apply for a TA position, please send the following materials to :

  • Your resume
  • A short statement (1 page) of mathematical or statistical interests, teaching experience and teaching preferences
  • Two letters of recommendation – at least one should address your teaching ability and one should address your mathematics or statistics ability. Please note that your letters of recommendation should come directly from those writing the letters.