SDSU Graduation (1400x200)

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
Integrated Teacher Education Program

This major combines the undergraduate degree and teaching credential into a 129 unit, four year integrated teacher education program. The program is designed to qualify the student for a mathematics degree and a preliminary single subject teaching credential in mathematics.

A minor is not required with this major.

Preparation for the major (22 units)

Must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better, and cannot be taken for credit/no credit (Cr/NC).

All of the following
  • Math 150 - Calculus I (4 units)
  • Math 151 - Calculus II (4 units)
  • Math 245 - Discrete Mathematics (3 units)
  • Math 252 - Calculus III (4 units)
  • Math 254 - Intro to Linear Algebra (3 units)
  • Stat 250 - Statistical Principles and Practices (3 units)
  • TE 211A - Field Experience in Mathematics and Science (1 unit)
  • TE 280 - Health Education for Teachers (1 unit)
  • TE 170 (or CFD 170) - Child and Adolescent Development from a Cultural Perspective (3 units)
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Steven Klass

Major (28+ units)

A minimum of 28 upper division units, approved by the adviser for the major.

All of the following
  • Math 302 -  Transition to Higher Mathematics (3 units)
  • Math 303 - History of Mathematics (3 units)
  • Math 320 - Abstract Algebra (3 units)
  • Math 330 - Advanced Calculus (3 units)
  • Math 341 - Mathematics Software Workshop (1 unit)
  • Math 414 - Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction (3 units)
  • Stat 550 - Applied Probability (3 units)
  • TE 405W - Writing in Educational Settings (3 units)
  • 3 units of electives in Mathematics
One of the following
  • Math 508 - Dynamical Systems and Modeling (3 units)
  • Math 510 - Introduction to the Foundations of Geometry (3 units)

Certification of subject matter competency by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics requires completion of all preparation for the major and major courses with the required grades. (At most one grade of C- or lower among the courses listed under the major is permitted. If a course is repeated, the highest grade will count.) Certification must be achieved before student teaching.

ITEP Admission Requirements (32 units)

Students apply for admission to the mathematics major with an emphasis in integrated teacher education program (ITEP-SS) during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Students who qualify for admission the summer prior to their junior year must have a GPA of 2.67 or better, passing scores on the CBEST, a documented field experience, and complete program application.

Credential Requirements
  • Ed 484 - Valuing Human Diversity (3 units)
  • Ed 970 - Teaching Event Assessment (1-3 units)
  • SE 450 - Classroom Adaptations for Special Populations (3 units)
  • TE 303 - The Teaching Profession: First Clinical Experience (3 units)
  • TE 903 - Secondary School Student Teaching Seminar (1 unit)
  • TE 914A - Instructional Methods for Mathematics (3 units)
  • TE 924A - Advanced Methods in Teaching Mathematics (3 units)
  • TE 933 - Teaching of Literacies in the Secondary School (3 units)
  • TE 954 - Humanistic and Social Aspects of Teaching (3 units)
  • TE 963 - Secondary School Student Teaching I (9 units)

Other requirements

Language Requirement.
Competency (successfully completing the third college semester or fifth college quarter) is required in one foreign language to fulfill the graduation requirement. Refer to the section of this catalog on “Graduation Requirements.”

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement.
Passing the Writing Placement Assessment with a score of 8 or above before taking Teacher Education 405W and earn a grade of C (2.0) or better. See “Graduation Requirements” section for a complete listing of requirements.