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Master of Science in Applied Mathematics


Before entering the program, students must complete the following upper division courses, or equivalent.  Students with inadequate undergraduate preparation may be accepted conditionally but will be required to complete courses for removal of the deficiency in the first year of study.

All of the following
  • Math 330 - Advanced Calculus (3 units)
  • A second course in analysis (3 units)
  • Math 337 - Elementary Differential Equations (3 units)
  • Math 340 - Mathematical Programming (3 units)
  • Math 524 - Linear Algebra (3 units)
One of the following
  • Math 531 - Partial Differential Equations (3 units)
  • Math 537 - Ordinary Differential Equations (3 units)
One of the following
  • Stat 350A - Statistical Methods (3 units)
  • Stat 551A - Probability and Mathematical Statistics (3 units)
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Required Courses (30 units)

The 30 units may include at most 12 units of approved 500-level mathematics courses and at most six units of independent research (Mathematics 797, 798, 799A, 799B).   

Other requirements

Program of study.
The program of study, to include a plan for removal of any conditions on admission, must be approved by the graduate adviser and will include at least 21 units in mathematics.  

Students must select Plan A and complete Math 799A (Thesis).  Students are advised that a thesis normally takes a year to complete.